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This is supposed to be a GW2/gaming blog wit- Whoa were did all this Dragon Age came from?
I don't play as much gw2 as before but I guess i'll get back to it when season 2 starts.
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reganoftyria --> skyabovethesky


because qunari dudes with french braids are a thing i desperately need




a transparent Miraak for all of your transparent Miraak needs.

put him where he belongs

he’s waiting for ulfric


the greatest plan in history

❝ my goal with inquisition is to make sure every dragon age fan never leaves the house again because there’s so much to explore in this game that real life will cease to matter, only hidden caves ❞

- mike laidlaw at some point basically (via spicyshimmy)


DA:I Spoiler: the Veil wasn’t torn by a great and ancient evil.  It was Jowan.  It was all a misunderstanding.  He had good intentions.  He just wants to find a way to make it right.


Almost forgot to upload this one…Anders with Hawke are doing some…mmm…enchantment =D


Kamala knows what’s up.

Gents of the Inquisition

I’m psyched (x)